About Canvas

To support online, hybrid and blended modalities, PHSC has contracted with Instructure to facilitate the delivery of online, blended and hybrid courses through the learning management system (LMS), Canvas. This system offers a number of benefits to enhance these instructional modalities including:

  • Cloud storage of data for easier access by faculty and students without downloads and patches 
  • Automated peak load management to ensure availability during peak periods of use
  • Open source software
  • Annual security audits
  • Integrated learning outcomes
  • Mobile applications that enables it to function on Smartphones
  • Gold-level certification by the National Federation of the Blind to make it highly accessible for students with disabilities

Description From Instructure

"Canvas is the 21st Century LMS. Adaptable. Reliable. Customizable. Easy to use. Mobile. Time-saving. And, perhaps most importantly, it gets used. That’s because it’s designed to get out of your way, to let you do your thing. Every last feature, every last interface is crafted to save you time and effort and to make teaching and learning easier." 

Canvas Release Notes

Stay informed about the latest and greatest Canvas features and changes using this searchable database. To view the New Feature Screencast from Canvas, view the following video