eCertification for Online Teaching

In order to teach online or develop an elearning course at Pasco-Hernando State College you must complete the “eCertification for Online Teaching and Model Course Development” 10-week, 30-hour synchronous training in Canvas. This course provides you with the skills necessary to develop, facilitate and manage your own online courses, while at the same time providing you with the experience of an online learner. The emphasis of the course is online teaching, but best practices for online design are covered as well. The course is open to all PHSC faculty, adjuncts and staff. Full-time faculty hired after June 30, 2013 must complete this course to be considered for placement on continuing contract (Board Rule 6Hx19-2.55).

Note: Any ecertified instructor assigned their first online course a year or more after their initial e-certification, it is recommended they contact the Department of E-Learning and Instructional Technology. The Department of E-Learning and Instructional Technology is responsible for annually updating each of these courses to reflect the most recent trends and issues in educational technology. All course work will be tracked by the Department of E-Learning and Instructional Technology and reminders will be issued periodically.

If you have any questions about ecertification please contact Maya Pakhomova.

Recertification at PHSC

In order to maintain your ecertification you must complete the Recertification for Online Teaching and Model Course Development course. This course is designed as a 8-hour, self-paced, asynchronous re-orientation to the pedagogical and technological skills required for online teaching and learning. The focus of this course is to increase awareness of online accessibility and universal design for learning principles. Throughout this course you will be introduced to tools and technologies to use in your online and face-to-face courses to easily ensure that your courses are accessible to all learners. This course must be taken at least once every three years through the Academic Technology Department to meet recertification requirements for teaching online.