In order to become certified to teach online and develop e-learning courses at PHSC, instructors will need to meet the following requirements during the 10-week eCertification for Online Teaching and Model Course Development course.

  • Allow adequate time to participate in the course prior to teaching an e-course. The course should be completed at least a semester in advance of when they are expected to teach online. For example, if the instructor is required to teach online during the Fall 2019 semester, they should have completed eCertification during the Summer 2019 semester.
  • Agree to all stated deadlines for assignments and course requirements.
  • Work sequentially through all of the content by completing all assignments, meeting with an instructional designer twice throughout the course, and shadowing a faculty mentor.
  • Meet with an instructional designer on campus or through virtual meetings using a web-conferencing tool. The first meeting will be conducted during weeks four and five and will include a Canvas overview. The second meeting will be conducted during weeks eight and nine to review the sandbox. During this meeting, the instructional designer will also provide the model course needed to teach online.
  • Shadow a faculty mentor for three hours. This includes a one-hour on campus or virtual meeting to discuss the faculty mentor’s course and how best practices are utilized while teaching the course. The remaining two hours will be spent observing the faculty member and students in the Canvas environment.

To register for e-certification please click on the appropriate registration button below. After you fill out the form we will e-mail you with further instructions closer to the start date. Please note that registration will close at 8 a.m. on the first day of class. 

Finalizing eCertification: Once the Department of eLearning and Instructional Technology has determined that the instructor has completed the course and all the requirements, they will become e-certified to teach online. Upon completion of this course, they will receive 30 professional development credit hours. If possible, the newly e-certified faculty member will also be paired up with an experienced online faculty member in their department.

Important Notes: Instructors are required to teach from the model course during their first term teaching online. Instructors are not guaranteed a course section to teach online based on the completion of this course. Instructors must recertify every three years by taking the Recertification for Online Teaching and Learning course.

If you have any questions about eCertification please contact Maya Pakhomova.

Summer 2019 eCertification Course

Register for the Summer 2019 cohort (05/20/19 - 07/14/19) to secure your spot. After you fill out the form we will email you with further instructions closer to the start date. Please note that registration will close at 8 a.m. on the first day of class.